Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoo tme baby!!!

I went to the San Diego Zoo last sat.
With Val ,chad,my boyfriend and I .
It was really FUNN~ LOL All the animals
was way too cute!!! I LOVE THE ZOO!!!!
Must go again!!!!! XD next place "SEA WORLD"!!!!
ha ha ha ha.....

more pic @ my facebook.

oops old post ~ my bad guys~ >.> yay sisen!!!

I know im super late updating this post...(April 1st.)
I thought that i post about this.....but i guess not~ ? XD
That tells me that im getting older... as you can see~LOL
Anyways it was my first time meeting moon kana and sisen.
sisen was really sweet~I even got to hang out a lil bet and talk with him.
*3* I told him to plz take this diamond flyer,
And sisen said he will post this up on his room wall......
I was like *0* OMG. Thanks,but you don't have to do all that tho~ >.>
but he was like I want to, thank you so much i love this flyer really cute........ XD
He said he notice that we were gals when he saw us~X3
that was wayyyyy~ too cool!!!! he made my day~ lol I sound like a loser~ ha ha
He was really a good guy~ yay!!!
I have tons of pic but dont have time to post all... so just go on my facebook.
( )