Monday, August 29, 2011

BAD GIRL / GOOD GIRL at Royal / T 8.24.11

Tune in Tokyo presents BAD GIRL / GOOD GIRL !!!

at Royal/T, their third-annual Back to School party, inspired by Japanese Sukeban / Girl Gang cinema.The event was really fun as always~ I had a grate time at the event~I got to meet with some wonderful people. I have be networking with a lot of ppl these past week and I'm enjoying my self. At the event I was helping promote events and selling tickets for Splash which it was on Sat. and the event "Junction"2011. I just would love to say thanks to the TNT for making this happen~ ;D AND it was really nice meeting new people at the event! Cant wait for the next event! Anyways here is some picture I took..... working @ the booth....

Art done by: Sean D'Anconia

photo by: EmiMoon

Want to see more pic from the event? Click here .
More info on...Tune In Tokyo "website".