Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Splash 2o11 "

We had a wonderful time in splash !!! It was so much things to do.... ;D
Rock band, Japanese foods,club dance floors and much more!I had a chance to meet up with Tricia, Hiromi, Cici, Marissa, Chynna, Hana, Yukino, Risa, Jeremy,Joshua, Tatsuya, and Takuro. And I think a lot more others too... Don't remember cuz I was buzzing it a little~ LOL But it was really nice seeing everyone there. You are going to notice that I look drunk in the pic. ha ha ha....But I wasn't just so you know. I get really get buzz fast and i get the SUPER Asian glow, thanks to my Japanese side~ Grrr I HATE it tho!!!! If I drink, everyone in the whole plant will know I drank. I can't even hid it from NO ONE~ Sucks to be me~ :(
Anyways hope you guys enjoy the pic.
I won't post all the pic but if you like to see more just go on my facebook.

Driving to Splash...And PRE GAMING !!!

My home boy Takuro rocking it hard @ Splash event!

Our first drink on @
Thanks Chynna for the Drink! TOO SWEET!

My lovely sexy Risa chan!

Like~ the BEST Couple EVER~ LOL

Ha ha.. Beer time~

Having soo much fun with the girls!

Cici loves to KISS me~ *3*

3 sum kiss~ LOL

@ the end of the night......

We wanted to to stay longer since the club event ended
@ 4am. But my friend lost his keys because he was dancing so
hard. lol XD So we ended up leaving like 2pm to take the taxi home.
I still had a blast ~ Thanks everyone so much and love you~!!!