Thursday, August 25, 2011

AV Yuki Mori photo shoot time !!!

On Tuesday was Yuki Mori's website shoot!
I had such a wonderful time....It was really kick back and chill cuz
we did whatever we wanted with the outfits and Ideas~
Since me and Yuki LOVE Gyaru style, We decided do
do all guary shoot! XD Of cores All make up/hair/styling by ME!
Most of the outfit were mine. Let her barrow them for the shoot.
The Photos came out sooooo GOOD!!!!! I'll post them when i get them.
Photography was by Ron Ellis . He is super cool! He really love the work that i did.
He said it was really different from other shoots that has done. He was having a blast
taking the pictures ~ His twitter~ " teazeworld " . Anyways Yuki and I have so much
cool ideas for the next shoot! We really cant wait ! exciting~ *3*
This is Yuki Mori twitter by the way~ " yukixxmori " If you guys want to check her out~ ;)

Us acting

A lil sneek peek~