Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need to PIMP my blog ASAP!!!! T^T (NEW pic of me)

GGGRRrRRRrrrr I HATE looking at my LAME ASS BLOG!!!!! X(
ITS NOT CUTE!!!!! TOOO UGLY!!!!! makes me sick when i look at this CRAP!!!! And i know you feel the same And IM SORRY GUYS....T~T XD haha So thats why I been asking around if anyone would like to help fix it. Or do it for me!!! Cuz I cant do shit when it come to designing web. NO WAY!!! XP so I rather have some one do it for me that is good at it OR PRO!!!! So if anyone would able to help me or you know anyone that can help me with i
t LET ME KNOW ASAP PLZ!!!! If you can do it really good and you been sooo helpful I will even give u a nice ass GIFT!!! Or maybe money ....All depends. I have 2 ppl said they can. but Im still waiting to see more people who would LOVE to help me. n_n

So I had to camera whore for the past few days for the Diamond gal cir web page . We will be getting a new one soon so keep your eye on it guys! Anyways I haven't camera whore in a long ass time.... I don't know if its just me growing up ,Me getting really ugly OR just not having motivation??? XD I can't camera whore like i use to.... ha ha It was hard to take pic.
so this is the 4 pic how it came out... I KNOW they all look the same
But I need to choice one BEST pic out of this 4.
not sure which is my fav? what chu guys think? help~?

Im going to try and see if i could come up with better pic. >.>