Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chilling with Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto in L.A.

 Hello everyone !
Anyways last Sat. I was really lucky to meet  Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto.
We got to really just hangout and chill with them all day!!! *0* I had such a blast hanging out with my LA gal buddies and  the models. We just wanted to show them a good time in LA. We first meet up at  Elly store ShibuyaLa.  Then we went to go eat lunch with them at the Tea Station. We talked about L.A. gals and what we do and so on. Then after we did business stuff. ;)   We all wanted to take purikura so we went to Round One to take puri with everyone. After that the models wanted to go to beach, so we went to Santa Monica. went to some stores and ride on pacific wheel,which it was really fun! *W* We didn't wanted to end there so we decided to go to my friend Hiromi's apt. But before that we had to go to the market to go pick up some drinks since the models wanted some. We end up chilling and drinking at the apt. Hiromi's place has a wonderful LA view which end the night nicely. I really got to really talk to the models in person about everything~ I really got to know them really well. I was surprise how cool they where. They weren't  fake at all. Down to earth. Thank god I know how to speak Japanese or else it wouldn't been the same. X3
To top that I even got to do some bonding stuff with Eri to end the night. ;) LOL Fuck ya that was Hella awesome! *0* OOoo ya~ ;3
 I just want to say....
*Thanks Sho! For making this happen and for everything! For sure we will keep in touch. We going to make shit happen! Im ready!!! ;)
*Thanks so much to the models Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto for coming out and visiting us. That means so much to the gals in LA. you gals are inspiration to us! <3 xoxo
*Thanks to the L.A. gals that made it to this meet up!  We really did show them some good time and show what LA gals are all about! ;3

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