Thursday, May 26, 2011

☮ New Item ☮

Took pic before I went to work~

Ok so, Im going to post some stuff I bought with in 2 weeks ago~
In last post, I was really sleepy and I couldn't. I guess i have
some kind of energy to post the pic before i forget and get lazy~ :P
So right now bohemian, Native and tribal stuff is SOOOO IN right now
as we all know ~So I bought some stuff from Santee in down town last weekend.
I was really suppose to ONLY buy gifts,but like always ended up
buying things for me too . LOL
Bought it Santee

This one I got it @ Target.

Bought it @ Santee

Santee also~

need more LASH!!!! LOL

@ lil tokyo~

I love this cute bag!!! I use this bag to work~

From the Nuts magazine~ free MURUA makeup bag!

Now some random pics..... n__n

I love frozen yogurt!!! I try to go get some, every Sunday.

Me playing with my goddaughter~
She is sooo silly just like me...
We like to do random shit...LOL ha ha
She is way too cute!!! I love this pic~
She was yelling like a crazy person.ha ha ha

I was paying with money~ I was going to do
a funny pic with this money. But I ended up not doing it
because I didn't have make up on~ LOL
I know Im lame~ like a gangsta pic *0* next time!

I guess that's its for now~ Bye bye

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My chill weekend.

On Sat. I hanged out with Hiromi and Jeremy and my boyfriend also~
I had so much fun~ We didn't do anything crazy....we just chill.
But it was really fun...When every i kick it with them, they crack me up! XD
Wayyyy too funny..... I could be LOL every min. Really good people. :)
Love hanging out with people that are really cool and chill person.
Im saying this cuz....Some times, hanging out with specific person,
its really hard to have fun with. Like...really awkward to be with.
LOL You get me guys ????? Don't you feel that with some people? Really weird.

LOL..... We were having way too much fun doing purikura as you can see~ ha ha ha

Sorry guys~ U___U
I was busy laughing my ass...couldn't take too may pic...LOL

Putting cash.....Work it Hiromi !!!! I put her to work~ LOL

Me and Hiromi's yummy tea~ I NEED MORE! *O*

Anyways.....Im hella excited for the Tokyo collaboration!
Its its Sunday !!!! And moday i have day off cuz the holiday,
so I'm supper happy!!! YAY!!! But I need to still come up with a cute ass outfit
for that event. Grrrrr....... I need to look at some magazine so i could get some ideas~
How should I look like???? HELP GUYS!!!!! :P

Going to see Taking back Sunday really soon!!!!
My boyfriend bought the tickets so we could go see them!!!!
Awww ~I love my boyfriend so much! *3*

I was going to post what i have bought lately,
but i feel really sleepy so i guess ill post tomorrow...
Too tired to upload . so much work~ LOL

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New boughts....n__n

So.... stuff I bought with in 2 to 3 weeks ago~
I know I need to save money.... But i can't help it!!!
LOL.... Thanks to my stupid gyaru magazines !!! DAMN YOU!!!
I really do HATE going to the mall tho~
I was suppose to buy ONLY kids gifts on that day, and
I ended up buying shit for my self too~ XD
But my man sure did help me buy my outfits~
Thanks BABY!!!!!! he he he Im sooo BAD!!!!

In this pic, the item is from Forever 21.

Forever 21 too.... cute gyaru ish nails~

Now.... in this pic.... the stuff i got it from is H&M.


And this one I got it at ....Urban outfitters.

sorry guys~;3
I will try to blog more fun /cool stuff soon~ I know i been some what LAME~LOL
I just have a lot of shit going on around this time.
But i do have a lots of good ideas to blog about...
but for sure coming soon!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My dance girls won 2end place !!! YAY

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been blogging in awhile~
But I have told you guys that I would be busy in few weeks
cuz of my job. Anyways most of you might not even care but
My girls won 2end place in dance competition !!!! Im sooo
proud of them ! Man.... it was so much work coaching lil kids dance
team. Now I get to have some lil rest . n__n But soon again I would need to
come up with new music ,new dance routines and new outfit.
Im really excited!!! Even tho I put a lot of my time on these girls, it all worth it!

Every time the day before the competition, I buy or I buy
them a good luck cake !!! It a tradition~ lol

Day before the competition....Dress rehearsal....

The competition day!!!!
cute hair huh???? I had to do 16 of them on
the girls hair like this... X____x

Before this outfit was plain..... but i added the neon
green thing~ and I added the butterflies.

After they WON !!!!! WE DID IT !!!!

Look how happy they are~Im happy too!!!

In the bus.... all the girls was soooo tired ~
It was such a long ass day let me tell you~ U___U
tooooooo long~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gaijin Gyaru Awards~ Thanks!

WOW !!!! Who knew?????? OMG tho~
I Sound soo dumb and look stupid !!!! LOL
Soooooo embarrassing !!!! EWwwww~ Ha ha ha
But anyways.... Thanks everyone for voting me, big time!
I would never thought I would win something like this.
Thanks guys ...Really~ n__n
And congratulations to the people who won ! Win or with out ....
Everyone in the the GGA is really beautiful and wonderful !
So Keep up the good work guys~

" JPy 2011 spring magazine "

Ohhh another thing.......
Last time i was look at the JPy magazine the other day.
And GUESS what I saw???
Are winter event "HOLIDAY HOT MESS" was on the
magazine~ For the Party Report .... How COOL is that~
Look at the pic!

I scan them the other day~

Awww look at the sexy ass girls~ n__n

I really cant wait to have another event soon !!!!
Even tho making and planning events can be very stressful~
I still enjoy doing them. LOL ... I get to meet wonderful people
And get to do a lot of fun things. Its such a wonderful
experience! I LOVE IT! *3*

For more info on " JPy website "
And also...."JPy facebook"

Friday, May 6, 2011

☆ ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway ☆

☆ ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway ☆

Hey Guys! I have a wonderful NEWS !!!!
I will be having a sponsor giveaway today!!!
Thanks to for sponsoring this grate Giveaway !
Most may know...But just in case you don't know~
Shoppingholics is a online store. They sell tons of eye lenses.
Also have eye lash, makeup,face masks and more!
They have the best selection on the eye lenses!!!!
And they are such a friendly staff ever. Got to LOVE THEM! n__n

What you are getting in this giveaway...
Any of your choice of 1 Geo lenses.
JAPAN LUV CARAT Long Last Face Powder-Natural Beige in Pink Diamante Jewel Case.
Contact Lens Travel Kit Case-Flower. With Lens Tweezers, Lens Case and Soaking Solution Bottle.

Please make sure you read this before you enter !!!
Their is only one winner.
This giveaway is open internationally.
If you are under 18, please get permission from your parents before entering.
You must be a public follower of my blog to participate.
Entries submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.
The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
Remember ,the more entries you do, the more higher chances you win!!!
Once you have done one entry or either all of the entry, make sure to include all the links after your name and e-mail address. I will be checking them asap!
The deadline for this giveaway will be Sunday, June 5th 2011 @ 21:00 PST!
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Forth entry, click " Like" on the Shoppingholics facebook page.

Thank you so much everyone for following my blog ! I really appreciate everyone for being supportive . Cuz I know know my blog is lame~ XD LOL BUT You guys ROCK !!! ;D Anyways...Everyone enjoy and good luck !!!!!

Info on the item....

Perfect your complexion with Luv Carat Long Last Face Powder which absorbs any excess oil and maintain a smooth touch of your skin while keeping it moisturized all day with the moisturizing ingredients of hyaluronic acid, ceremide and squalane.
Packed in an irresistibly attractive diamante jewel case, it the perfect gift for any girl. The loose and lightweight texture is right for any skin type. Match easily with the base foundation, this beige cover pores. Use this mineral enriched loose powder for a natural skin-perfecting look.
Made in Japan
The cost: $25.00

The kit is a small hand mirror in the top compartment.Inside comes with contact lens-solution mini bottles, lens case and a pair of plastic tweesers to go! The case is small enough to fit ideally into a handbag or anywhere!
1) Lens Tweezer
2) Lens Case
3) Cleaning and Soaking Solution Bottles.
The cost: $5.90