Sunday, April 10, 2011

My stuff can't fit in my room. U___U''

Whats up guys~ n__n
I just wanted to post some stuff I bought lately~You know what!?
I just notice that I can't fit my
stuff anywhere in my room.....Grrrrrr~U__U
I really need to do a DEEP cleaning soon...But I think even if i did...
deep cleaning, it wouldn't fit my shit.
I really "REALLY" have a tiny room and top of that
I live with my boyfriends family~ SoooooI share the room with my boyfriend.
We should be moving some times this year. Most likely in fall after I'm back from Japan trip.
I just cant wait to move out and have my own room and deco the way I really want~
I guess I could take picture of my crazy ass room soon~XD

Anyways... 2 weeks ago I order my lens form shoppingholics !
The lens came to me yesterday !!!I cant wait to try them on I'm like so excited!!!
Don't worry, Ill review the lens like always very soon~ n_n
This is one ones I got!
*Adult Violet Circle Lens
*Princess Mimi/Bambi Chocolate Brown Lens
*Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16.0mm-Green

I bought some new nail polish too!!! I got some new colors cuz
I have a really good friend name Adri like to do nails,so
basically bought it for both of us! That way, she has
a lots of color choices when she does my nails or hers.

I bought "elf studio" from target last week. It was only $3.oo I think?
But was really cheap~How cool is that! All elf studio item is really cheap!
I wanted to try it see if it was any good~I did really like it alot!!!!
The color looks really nice!
Such a nice bright PINK color.
It applies really nicely and it last pretty long too~

It not a really good picture but you could see the blush a lil.
I'll post a better pic next time.

The 2 nerd eyeglasses I got them only for
$3.oo @ Zizibeh and sunglasses @ forever 21
for $5.80

Also bought this bag @ Zizibeh for $26.00

@ forever 21 $17.oo ish

@ forever 21 $19.oo ish

In the week end I went out to the Santee Ally
In downtown L.A. and a mall near me.
I had it to buy stuff for work.....
But I ended up buying stuff for me too....LOL ;D

rings and necklace~


earrings and necklace ...

And one more last thing!!! Who's planning to go to this???
"Tune in Tokyo presents "POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T"
I'll be helping my dear friend Tune in Tokyo at the event!
Anyone is welcome to come to this event!!!!
you guys should all come out and have fun! n_n
For more INFO~
"POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T"