Saturday, January 8, 2011

Round 1 TIME!!!!!

Hey guys I finally went to round 1 with the gals~! It was really cool!!!
I love that place~ alot of things to do like....
Purikura,karaoke,ping pong,darts,bar,billiards,bowling ,arcade and UFO catcher!!
Took me a while but I GOT SOMETHING from the UFO catcher!!!!! *3*
Cant wait to go again~ n_n
If you want more info on Round 1.....
Japanese site:
U.S. site:

Anyways this is what i catch from the UFO~n_n

Inside the Round 1....

My outfit ....

A gift from xmas. boyfriend give me it! And I finally
use it on this day~ =P

Now~ purikura TIME!!!!! =)

stuff I bought in lil tokyo~
Urusei Yatsra lil bag to must my camera~

Creamy Mami lil teddy bear