Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tune in Tokyo Presents GAL-LOWEEN Hosted By Kimimela Gals at Royal/T (flyer)

Everyone! Get ready for Gal-loween time!!!!
Mark your calenders NOW ! And save the date!
"Tune in Tokyo Presents GAL-LOWEEN Hosted by Kimimela"
LinkIts on Oct.26 (wed) 8pm~12am At Royal/T.
EVERYONE is welcome to come party! So don't be shy and come out!
Its going to be sooo much fun!
We are still working on the event page on Facebook but
a lot of the info is up already . So.... go check it out!!

Click to FB event page....

Im Super excited for this event !!! ^O^ for the past weeks,
we have been planning this event..... and Im still am planning as I speak while blogging.
This month is going to crazy for me.... I need to do so much stuff.... like.... Setting up practice,emailing go to the stores, pick up item,do deco,finding music,mixing music,making back round for photo booth,calling ppl, messaging ppl,updating info and etc... etc. I could keep going~ LOL XD So, I might most likely lag on blogging for few days. U__U Hang in there guy, with my lack of posting for now~ Even tho this kind of stuff stress me out so I just can't stop doing stuff like this. I sound crazy ,I KNOW~ But i just can't... kind of like my drug....ha ha ha

Anyways... just like to thank Emi and Greg for helping with the lovely flyer.
It came out sooooo CUTE!!!! If you live near L.A. area, you might see this flyer laying around near some stores. ;) Its cute to keep. :P

A lil information you might want to now... :)

- Kimimela Gal Raffle! $3 (*More info coming soon)

- Chance to win cool prizes!! Join the Contest!!!
* Best "Galloween" (Head to toe,super gal with a Halloween twist)
* Best "Kawaii" (Super Cute and pretty costume/oufit)
* Best "Kowaii" (Super scary wild costume/outfit)
* Best "Costume" (Really nice and unique Halloween costume/outfit )
* Best "Makeup" (Super nice face make up )

Im telling you right now... Start thinking what you planning to wear. Cuz u might win
some REALLY REALLY cool prizes. Which ill let chu know really soon what you might win.

Next post with a lot more details and Info !!!!
So stay tune guys! ;D