Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Hot Mess was a success!

Holiday Hot Mess was a success!
One of the biggest event we had so far for sure~ X3 we will get better and better fo SHO! Ooohhhhh~ Also,Diamond Gal Circle got interviewed by LA Weekly and the news UTB (United Television Broadcasting Systems)! n_n YAY!!!!! Too bad I look like shit~ I was sooooo Busy at the event doing models hair makeup and decorating the place..... didn't had anytime for me ~ T~T At least the event was grate~ that's all it matters XD I just want to thank All the people that came to the event~hope everyone enjoyed. And MOST DEF~ THANKS to All the people that help with us with the event!!!! Couldn't done this with out ALL of you!!! n_n Now We better start planning for the next event...... We have sooooo many good ideas~ So better get ready!!!! Cant wait for next year~ X3
MUST SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Here is our event on the news UTB ......Skip to 1:48 if you just want to see our part. n_n

LA Weekly News:

I didn't really had time to take picture cuz i was way too busy but i have few from my own camera and took some from my friends~ thanks guys! n_n
If you want to see more pic just go to my facebook~

From UTB news~