Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*~Gallow33n NighT~*

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR PEOPLE THAT CAME TO THE GAL~LOWEEN NIGHT !!!! You guys made this event A SUCCESS and help us support this event !!!! =) Big huge thanks to Kira Kira ♥ Touzan TAIKO ♥ Gravity Core ♥ Tune in Tokyo ♥ Shibuya LA ♥ Sam Fu♥ STC Management ♥ fashion show models ♥ Chiaki ♥ My Diamond gal sa ~Diamond boyfriends and my helpful boyfriend ♥ we couldn't done this with out ALL OF YOU GUYS ! LOVE YA !!!!!!!!! *3* Yay !!!!!!!!!! We cant not thank people enough!!!! IM super grateful~

WOW... the Night was fantastic!!! everything came out nicely !!! You don't even know how HAPPY Iam~ n_n
Let me tell YOU!!!!! Hosting a event is NOT EASY ALL AT ALL!!!! >.< I was all over the damn place~ i didnt get to eat ,drink shit, piss or even hangout with ppl at the event cuz i was hella busy~ But it was all worth it cuz every one at the event had a good time~ n_n as long as the ppl is happy im happy~ he he I will do it for the PEOPLE !!!!!! *0*

I was able to take some pic even tho i was busy~ cuz i would of kill my self if i didn't get any pic from this event!!! XD LOL ha ha but like " VAL" I stoled some pic from Mie,Tricia,Maiko, Sam Fu,Roxi,Dolly,kirakira and the whole world~ LOL

Hosted by Diamond Gal Sa

Shibuya La: Fashion and brand collection.

Tune in Tokyo: DJs

Touzan Taiko: taiko performances.

Kira Kira : Japanes nails and purikura shop host.

STC Management : The Venue

Sam Fu: photographer

Models: Elly,Maiko,Akiri,Dolly,Tricia,Roxxi,Karina,Kiki,Amy.

Here is some pic~ if you wan to see the rest just go to my facebook.
n_n I got TONS MORE !!!!! *0*


Purikura time !!!

I have some viedos too but im going to make a crazy mix thing~ so ill post it asap when im done! n_n
But here is other videos form the event.
Thanks for thr video Michael Tang & Ann Tran and Mie.