Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need to update a lots of shit !!!

I was thinking of making a make up tutorial soon~
Cuz a lot of gals been asking me to do it~ so I'm going to do it!
But i have been busy and lazy~ XP I used to do it while ago~
But i had a lot of free time back then. lol....XD
So hope by this week~ I will make sure to post ASAP!!!! n_n

Shit shit shit X( I for got to post the Videos also~
Ohhhh snap !!!!! I better do that asap too !!!!
I have soooo much to show!!! really fun videos coming soon!

anyways here is some random pic I took these past few days~

Here is the pic of me with make up and with out....
I think i look REALLY WEIRD and naked.......
some of you guys have NEVER seen me with out a make up....
so this is how i look like~ LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!! XD *SO SHY* XD

And yes ! Eye lashes is my CRACK !!!!! XD LOL......

Japanese Asahi BLack beer~ its a dark beer~

yummy snack!!! My FAV !!!!! *0* its gone now~
need to buy MORE !!!!!!!!!!! try it . n_n

I wash my hair extension. I left it out side to dry~
It looks lil creepy~ LOL like i killed someone. XD