Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bono and the Victorious girls

Maybe like 3 weeks ago at my job i had to go on a field trip with the kids~ I first it was a weekend so i didn't want to go~ But i was like FUCK IT I need more money~ XD LOL so i ended up going~ XP Anyways the kids had so much fun cuz they got to meet cast from "Victorious" from Nickelodeon. They spot those girls like no joke~ I didn't know who they were cuz i don't really watch T.V. The cool thing about was... the girl with the red hair said she really likes my hair and make up~ so we started talking a lil... and i told her its a half wig. n_n it was my prisila wig. he he ~ And she also love my make a lot.... there was a lot shit happening so could talk to much about style of gal~ XD Then guess who i saw next ????? *3* BONO FROM U2 !!!! i was like NO fuck'n way!!! CANT BE~ >.> cuz he didn't have any body gard or anything paparazzi~ the place was full of kids so kids didn't know who he was~ I think he was helping the event or something ~ I was helping Bono also!!!! it was hella COOLNESS!!!! He was SUPER SWEET~down to earth~ unlike the other famous ppl out there ~ >.> got to take pic with him too! YAY Glad i went. I would be stupid not going there~I got paid to go chill and meeting Bono and the Victorious girls~XD

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