Wednesday, October 17, 2012

♥ Gal Slumber party time! ♥

Awwww~ *w* Had a blast  this past weekend!
I had the Gal-Oween party by Tune In Tokyo~ And the Gal Slumber Party
at my place this weekend.
Gal-oween was grate. I didn't get there till later cuz I had work and also had a meeting
with a friend. :) Sadly~I could only stay a lil while also since the next day is the gal slumber party~
Over all it was really chill fun event! OH!!! My gal friend Victoria win a best gal costume!
She won some cool prize! She was hella cute!

As for Gal Slumber Party~
It was really fun!!! I just love how we got to REALLY chill out with everyone!
FOR ONES! XD Every time we have events, We can't really chill with your girls.
Just cuz ,we r busy doing the event. But the slumber party it was really chill.
Got to talk to each other about everything~ Got to know everyone more better.
Went to karaoke and drink and just had fun!
Sadly didn't do video~ T___T
I really wanted to but I was using my ipad for music.
And everyone was FELLING it~ XD Didn't want to kill it.
And top of that my other camera went to shit! ;(
Its all good ~there is always next time!
I did go some picture tho!
Everyone said we should to this more often!
Which everyone is RIGHT! WE SHOULD!
So I will be planning one near maybe after Thanksgiving.
A Xmas party with my gals! CANT WAIT!
AWWW I love doing these kind of  things!
 Really makes me happy. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

★ Getting ready for Gal Slumber Party!!!★

 Hey hey guys~ ;)
Oct is always a busy month....
I have tons of event to go to. *3*  I love it!
Anyways I always wanted to have a gal sleep over.
Ever since I became Gal centuries ago! LOL
But I had this lil room so never had a chance. :(
Now that I have a little bit bigger place
I can finally have it!!! My dream come true! *^*
I decided to talk to Ninoshka about it.
And she told me that she would love to host it with me.
 Its the first Gal Slumber Party IN LA!!!
At least that I know of????
 Who ever comes to Gal Slumber Party will get a goodie bag!
Then having a "Pajama Gal" contest! Who ever is going to win it will get a prize. 
We are having a Halloween theme potluck with yummy foods and snakes.
We will be doing tons of exciting things.
Goodie bags,Dinner, Gal talk, funny games,karaoke,Hookah,yummy drinks, make videos,scary stories,contest,face-mask and a lot more!
This is not a open invite Sadly~
Just cuz I don't want some creepers and strangers over my place. XD LOL
So if you live near LA area and knows me and you are a gal, Hit me up!
I'll send you invite! ;)

★ Gal Slumber Party!!! ★
When: Sat. October 13, 2012
Where: @ Michi's House.
Time:  5:00pm till the next day.

Thanks Ninoshka for making this! <3 br="br">

Save the date for ★GAL-OWEEN★

 Tricia is modeling for the flyer again!

Tune in Tokyo announces "GAL-OWEEN" at 2nd Street Jazz on 
Friday, October 12th, featuring musical guests APOCALIPSTICK!

Admission is $10, ages 15+ (ID required). A $5 drink ticket is included with cover. 
The event runs from 8:30 PM - 2 AM.

Halloween costumes and Gyaru-Kei (Gal) Attire encouraged! 
We'll also be having a contest for "Best Halloween Gal"!
For more info.....

For this event I'm not hosting it so it should be really nice
and chill for me. n__n Cuz every Gal Halloween party, I Always host it
and im busy and stress out! XD
This year I can actually  kick it with my gal friends and do shit with them!
Fuck ya!!!! 

What should I Be?????? OMG I have no idea..... U_______U
I better come up with some kind of outfit! @___@
What are you guys going to be for Halloween????
Im so excited to see everyone, how they are going to dress~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Junction LA fashion show!

Last week I was in charge of the Shibuya theme fashion show
 Called Junction LA 2012.
A friend of mind was doing a fashion show and he ask me if i wanted to join him.
I was like..." Fo SHOW!!!! ;)
Since he knows I LOVE gal fashion he ask me if I would like to do
Shibuya theme line up.
You know me , I am soooo down to do Gal fashion show any given time! XD LOL...
SO I ask my friend Elly the owner of the shop 
to ShibuyaLA if she would like to join me in the fashion show.
Cuz she is the only one I know that sale real
Japanese gal brands in LA.
Anyways... I ask all my sexy ass gal friends if they can be a models for the show. :)
My friend ask me last min so I didn't have that much time to plan.
But the fashion show came out really awesome!
All the girls look hella kawaii !!!
I even ask my 3 lil girls to be part of the show.
They also rock that floor just like the big girls.
I was hella busy but, I had a wonderful time.

I just like to thank Taka for letting me have this opportunity.
You are such a cool ass guy, love you for that, you are the best!
Thanks to Elly the shop owner to ShibuyaLA for letting us use
your outfits for the show. Like always~ >.> LOL
You are the sweetest!
Thanks to all the models that was part of this fashion show!
Sorry it was last min. >.< 
But you guys rock that stage, looking all fuck'n HOT!
You guys are super beautiful gals! xoxo

Just... thank u thank u thank u!!!!!

Im sooooo stupid that I forgot to bring my camera....
So I took some pictures from my ipad....looks like shit. >.>
Some of them are from Elly camera.
Ones I get the event photo ill post it asap! ;)

This is the only pic I took on this day.
I didn't want people taking pic of me 
cuz I looked like shit on this day. XD
I was more worrying about the girls then me~ ;P

 the lil gals models. sooo cute!!! *3*

Bye bye for now~ ;)