Sunday, June 5, 2011

Been so sick >.< & Tokyo Collaboration!!!

Hey guys..... I know its been awhile. U___U
I have been super sick. Ever since last Tue. night.
I been feeling like shit....grrrr..... Im still sick now.
I do feel alot better than Wed. tho ,which is good thing I guess.
Today was suppose to be the last day for the
☆ ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway ☆
But.... since i have been really sick Im going to extend the due date.
Last day for the giveaway will be June 11. instead.
I let you guys know who is the winner on Sat. June 11.
so if you haven't done it yet, do it asap !!!

I think most of you might seen my facebook from
I had so much fun. I got to hang out with sooo many friends
that night ! It was really crazy night...LOL They had
all types of good music. Beautiful people ! Drank a lil....
It was such a nice buzz.... XD ha ha ha...

Oh oh.... I even met with DJ.Barbie that night. :)
All of us was in the bathroom putting Roxi eye lash on
cuz it was falling off of her face....LOL And we saw DJ Barbie with her friends.
So we ask if she could take pic with us. She was really sweet. *3*
She is soooo sexy and cute and looking sooo fly~ n__n
This is her blog by the way....
I love her blog !!!!! You should check it out~
Me and her! I look sooooo buzzzz...LOL
I get the Asian glow just so u know. ha ha

I had so much fun that night I would like to go clubbing again soon!
Who is down to go clubbing? We could plan! just let me know! he he

Anyways im going to post few pics. I have way too much pic.
From that night. So just go on my facebook if you would like to see the rest!
Also im working on the the video from that night.Ill post it next time . :) still working on it.

Me and Tricia getting ready to go out.
Also wating for Hiromi to pick us up.

Per~gaming in the car. YAY!!!!

Getting drinks from the bar~

Step trying to put lash back on Roxi..ha ha
took long cuz everyone was lil buzz.

My sexy lover~ Need to give her a kiss....

we r really tired .....but being silly~

Model from ViVi magazine "Elli Rose "
She was DJ-ing at the event.
Van Cliffe.D (Elli-rose)