Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now and Then... How im allways changing...

I have been reminiscing these past day....U.U For some reason reminiscing the good times makes you feel really good inside~ It made me feel grateful that I made this far~Not everyone is that lucky~You know? Looking at some old pictures from way back then. Remembering about what i did these past years.....I find it really crazy how people grow and change , good and bad. I also have meet so many gals and people in my life. ♥ I just LOVE meeting new people. n_n I'm so ~excited to meet more people this year! *3* Anyways I have gather all the pictures since i was 1st yr.
till now! You could see how I change and grow up. XP
LOL ha ha these pics make me LOL every time~

Soooo ya......That's me....growing up sadly~ U.U
Grrrrrrrrr~ I don't want to get any older~
I wonder how I'm going to look when I'm 30 ???? OR Even 40!!!?
Most likely I will have kids by then.....XD LOL
Would I still be blogging? O.O? Who knows?
Time will tell I guess.....