Saturday, February 26, 2011


ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party was so much fun!!!
I went with Val,Chad,Frank and my boyfriend .
Suck that it was raining that night...... all our hairs went super flat and nasty~ >.<
Lately L.A. weather been lil weird. Its been SUPER COLD and WET !!!
HATE IT !!!! Anyways....even tho it was raining~ we still wanted to go support ANAP!
We got to meet some wonderful gals that work for ANAP and there friends~
There WERE SOOO SWEET!!!!! They even invited us to join them and drink champagne
with them which it was really nice. n_n They said they seen us on TV too!!!!
Ha ha ha OMG everyone in their mama's seen us~ XD so crazy~ But the girls said they want to do
a event together soon!!!! this is mad crazy~ DIAMOND gets better and better every time!
Im sooo excited! *3* It was nice drinking and dancing the whole night....
We got lil drunk .... he he I don't know if you notice on the picture~ LOL haha

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If you like to see more pic just go on my Facebook ...n_n

Anyways this is their "NEW" ANAP L.A. U.S. website if you guys like to see.
Also the Japanese website ANAP .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party

Hey who's gong to the
Cali Jammin' night & ANAP
Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party
this Friday?

Cali Jammin' X ANAP Los Angeles presents

" ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party "
Celebrating Store 5 Year Anniversary!
February 25th 2011 Friday Night
@ J restaurant l lounge Open: 9PM /
21 + with ID required / guest list close at 10:30PM

*Free Goods Give Away"
*photo Booth

Fashionable AttireNO T-shirts,
Tennis Shoes, Baggy clothes, Cap and Athletic wear
Except for Yukata (This time only)

Guest List...
Simply response our invitaiton
Make sure your status as " Attneding "
or we will not put your name on the list.
More INFO on this event....

DJ Barbie is going to be there!!!! I want to meet her!!!
She is a Japanese Fashion Icon. She is so cute!
Her site...

Some of us gal are planning to go~
Let me know If anyone would like to join us!

Im so exicted!!! *3* cant wait!!!! what should i wear tho????
Fuckkkkkkkkkk~ =0= No IDEA~

OMG !!!! TSUBASA twitter ABOUT US !!!!!!! *0*

OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS this REAL LIFE?
I cant believe that Tsubasa Twitter about us!
SOOOO SHOCKED ! *0* You dont even know~
I died just now..... And came back to life~ LOL

She said something like ....
To everybody that is in galiforna!
I didn't get to see the show but, I'm really thankful that you guys know me even from America~
I really appreciate it.Thank you so much! Would love to meet you guys someday~

The Link...
♥Tsubasa Masuwaka♥

Anyways I decided to Reply to that .....
Basically I said...
We had just saw the message and we are
very happy that you message us! Thank you so much
for your inspiration. Hope we will met you some day.

This from all us!

This is really crazy~ Who knew this would happen?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Behind the scene form the show....

I know most of you saw this Video every where from the other diamond ladies...And like everyone said.. Too bad this is the only quality we have at this moment. Ill try to post a better one if I find one soon. n_n
WE were really lucky that us diamond gyaru-sa featured on RUMORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD~
(NTV) Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita !!!
That was the secret form the few last blog about Dimond gal sa. This is the big business I was talking about .
This is the video...Its a really funny show~ LOL

I think it was really fun doing the show. I really did had so much fun with the cast and my diamond gals.
Even tho some parts was fake~ LOL But Hey.. what shows are real these days? haha... After all this WE BETTER SEE TUSBASA in AMERICA!!!! I really hope she sees this show so we could really meet her in person~ :P

Oh ya!!! that was my real room by the way~ Story to that was... the director ask us last min that they wanted to film in someones room. Everyone said my room cuz it was the most craziest room with lots of shit...LOL
BUT the day before my room was trashed!!! WAYYYYY tooo messy!!!! So I spend the whole night cleaning like a MAD CRAZY BITCH!!!! lol Didn't sleep till 4am at night~ And top of that I had to wake up at 7:30am for the sho
w. U.U

Just to clear things up!!! LOL

Yes, that was my REAL room.
YES, it was a fake fight we never fight!!!.lol
NO, we don't really go to Yoshinoya. It was r first time going to Yoshinoyo together.haha
XTRA BEEF juice was nasty for me...hate it.
NO, Val is not a bitch like on TV. LOL
We don't really do para~
Mandie is not a diamond member but she is really good friend of ours. n_n
Anyways I decided to make a behind the scene for you guys..
I thought that should be fun to see. n_n

Done with the show. Heading back home talking about sailor moon...Soooo RANDOM~ LOL XD

Monday, February 14, 2011

☆♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥☆

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

Too bad this year Valentine falls on Monday~ U.U Kind of sucks.... But I guess it was still really good this year.
Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day~ Event if your single~ n_n Cuz I think V-day is not just only for people in a relationship, But just ANY kind of love and friendship. n_n So I would like to say Thanks for those people that been there for me no matter what. Like my wonderful family, good friends and especially MY BOYFRIEND!!! My Boyfriend does SOOOOO many wonderful and nice things for me , you know what...Not only me but my friends and family too...He is a wonderful guy,that's for sure~ n_n Me and my man been together since winter 2003. So that's like 7 yrs going o
n 8yrs. WOW...... we r all most 10 yrs !!!!! Can wait *3*

My boyfriend give me this on V-day.

V-day cake~

Valentine's day at work was so much fun. Since i do work at the school~ makes me feel so young again~ We passed out V-day cards ,candies and gifts. You could see that all the kids had a wonderful time. Which that make me feel really happy....You know the cool thing about working at the school is that every holiday you get some gifts from the kids....he he =P They are so cute cuz there are so thoughtful~
Gift from the sweet~

The cards I got for the girls. I love Barbie !!!

Cards for the boys...

Also but some candies for the V-day goody bags.


Cute v-day bags....

And my dance girls~ at v-day giving out cards...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chill weekend....Ohhh ya~

FUCK...... U.U I think im getting sick again....WTF~ T^T
Thats why I took long to post again cuz I wasn't feeling so good.
Anyways... last week was really chill and fun !
Went to Round 1 with my boyfriend and his cousin, Cuz it was his
cousin 21st B-day . GUESS WHAT!? At Round 1, I got 2 plushy !!!

So happy I got them to take it home with me.
n_n I also took purikura as always~ he he

Then after Round 1 we had a party at my house.
At the party we played drinking games and smoke hookah know
just having fun. I have a 2 hookah pipe but i still one another one.....
I want a cute PINK one SOOOO BAD! *o* So hope i find a cute one soon.

The pic is lil blur... getting ready for hookah..

In this pic i was smoking honey due flavor.

Ohh !! Also forgot.. I got a new wallpaper on my phone~
It was from a Japanese app. It was $1.00 something~
It was too cute I had to buy that shit~ XD
Its a live wallpaper..... It moves too!
Has a time , date and it sparkle !!!
FUCK YA!!!!!! XD