Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time for...Little tokyo with da gals~

Day 4: 
We went to Little Tokyo for Kayo, so she can meet more gals~
I  just remembered being really really HOT on this day.....u__u'' But anyways...
We decided we wanted to go eat cuz,
 none of us eaten food. We had pick Curry House! Ohh my ~ I love that place!
While we were eating, we have talked about Gal stuff....
About Gals in u.s. and other places around the world.
Really nice and fun chat I have to say. n___n
After that went to go to the Japaneses book store to look at gal magazines !!!
WOW.....such a gal  thing to do right??? WE also went to Japanese make up store!!!! 
That's a MUST! *0*LOL ha ha 
I guess basically.... all we did was snacking all over the place~ XD Pinkberry, Boba drinks and 
Japanese market snacks.  Oh oh!!!! And take TONS of  PIC!!! None STOP!!!
Ya~ that's what we did .....U____U ha ha
Did a funny ass video too cuz we didn't have nothing else to do....
I'm pretty sure some one else seen us and think we were all crazy~
But we all had a wonderful and fun time that's fo show!
That's what matters so don't care!!! :P
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