Thursday, May 26, 2011

☮ New Item ☮

Took pic before I went to work~

Ok so, Im going to post some stuff I bought with in 2 weeks ago~
In last post, I was really sleepy and I couldn't. I guess i have
some kind of energy to post the pic before i forget and get lazy~ :P
So right now bohemian, Native and tribal stuff is SOOOO IN right now
as we all know ~So I bought some stuff from Santee in down town last weekend.
I was really suppose to ONLY buy gifts,but like always ended up
buying things for me too . LOL
Bought it Santee

This one I got it @ Target.

Bought it @ Santee

Santee also~

need more LASH!!!! LOL

@ lil tokyo~

I love this cute bag!!! I use this bag to work~

From the Nuts magazine~ free MURUA makeup bag!

Now some random pics..... n__n

I love frozen yogurt!!! I try to go get some, every Sunday.

Me playing with my goddaughter~
She is sooo silly just like me...
We like to do random shit...LOL ha ha
She is way too cute!!! I love this pic~
She was yelling like a crazy person.ha ha ha

I was paying with money~ I was going to do
a funny pic with this money. But I ended up not doing it
because I didn't have make up on~ LOL
I know Im lame~ like a gangsta pic *0* next time!

I guess that's its for now~ Bye bye