Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We R On...NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV !!!

On mild Sept. one of my good friend told me that some one was looking for me...
I wasn't sure what was going on.... Then I found out that Tokyo Kawaii was looking for me
for the show. I was super excited and shocked! *3* You dont even know~ I was waiting for this moment to happen!!! LOL Anyways... the NHK wanted to meet the gals in LA. I was was more than happy to show around. n__n I really like that fact that we know most of the people that has been in tokyokwawii. Its really a small world! Finally the show came out on Dec 17 2011 in Japan.
I didn't want to tell people about till I know the show came out ~ But...I wonder who's going to win the contest!!!! OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I to know want now!!!!!!!! lol....Next episode PLZZZZZZ!!!!

Been sooo longggg~

Hey guys...... I have not been on this for awhile now, due to being sick and having a anxiety attacks for my first time. :( I been getting dizzy lately like randomly~ I went to the E.R. last time in middle of mid night :( i had shortness of breathing and I couldn't even breath right, then my heart was pounding soooo hard I thought i was going to die~ I got super scared. So My boy friend took me to the ER. the DR. check me out....So i found out that i have pneumonia and also I been getting really bad Anxiety Attacks. I have never had one before. I really thought i was going to die~ on top of that found out that i have a rare body....I have a unusual stomach. My stomach is up high near my chest ...but Dr said don't worry about the weird stomach. I been taking it easy cuz anxiety attacks hits me hard. U__U Sooo im trying to relax a lil.
But I have been getting better! I just can't wait to hangout and be active again!!!!
I miss it soooo much! *3* Anyways ill post more stuff soon! :)