Monday, October 10, 2011

Rockeresque @ Gal-L0weeN !!!

HEY everyone! Rockeresque will be join us at the "Gal~L0ween Party" on Oct 26.
They will be Sponsoring their wonderful makeup for the fashion show! ;)
At the event. Everyone has a chance to win a eyeshadow from Rockeresque!
Don't miss this out guys!!!! Check out the website, they have some really nice makeup!!!!


I will be doing everyone's make up for the models
AT the Gal-loween event.
And I cant wait to use the make up on the gals.

I'll for sure review the make up ones I use them~ ;) Cant wait!

My Friend Risa modeling for Rockeresque.

She will also be at the catwalk for the Galloween fashion show as well. n__n

Some eyeshadow colors i like....

Event Flyer.... :)

More INFO about the event.