Thursday, May 5, 2011

❤ Lil mini meet ❤

Hey hey!!!!
So I finally meet Sara Mari yesterday!!!
She is sooo pretty and really super nice!
Man....U___U I wish we had the whole week to spend time with her.
Time flies so damn FASTTTT~ :( But the time you know it,
it was time for her to leave. But I sure had a wonderful time with her
AND the other girls too!!! I just like to Thank everyone that came
out for the mini meet. Cuz I know it was a lil last min.
You gals r the best !!!!
I really can't wait to see her again in summer in Japan. n__n
YAY !!!!! ;D

Anyways some picture I jacked from Marie Amy
cuz her camera is a BAD ASSS~
Ohh and I look like shit in some pic... Just dont look at it~

yup yup.... You know me in Magazines!!! XD

stuff that came with magazines~ I love free stuff!!!

You know purikura is a MUST! *0*
But I will scan them soon!!! :D

If you want to see more pic just go on my facebook! n___n