Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random post..ANAP,Food, Hair & stuff...

Hey guys !!! ANAP posted pic from the event from last week...
Here is some pictures from ANAP FB... ANAP FACEBOOK.
Its fish eye lens.... Just so you know~

I made a lil video for the ANAP event too~ hehe

Also I retouched my roots...
And I thought this was lil cool and trippy~ n_n
I think I might change my hair color soon....
I'll talk about it on my next post how i want it...

This week we went out to eat a a Japanese restaurant.
I had some yummy raman!

Green tea ,Tempura Ice cream~

Ohhh and I bought some new stuff this week too...
@ Hot Topic ( $12.00 and $6.50 )

@ Some random gift ($8.00)
I have a black and the white fox tail... now i have this color!
( Not a real tail ) Never would I buy a real one~ n_n

@ Forever 21 It was on sale!!! YAY!!! F0rom the top. ( $4.00 / $1.00 / $3.00 )

I tend to forget to post what I bought. I always forget.
Ill try to post from now on.... I HOPE ...*~* LOL