Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to L.A. Kayo day 1.

Hello everyone! Most of you might know Kayo came to Visit L.A. few weeks ago~
She is a Gal from Japan. She have been working as a gal store manager, working full time and working 7 days of week. She had work so hard !!! Then end up saving tons of money. So she decided to travel all over the country meeting gals. She said she didn't know they were gals all over the country, till she saw Tokyo Kawaii TV.  Then she really made up her mind to go over the world.  Anyways I was really excited to meet her!!!! She end up staying really close to where I live, like 10 min away. Because of that, it was only easy to see her everyday while she was in LA. n__n

Day 1with kayo..... Night time.

-Went to City Walk, snaking and drinking.
  Cruising in the car to.....
- Mullholland Drive to see the city lights above LA.
- Melrose
- Beverly Hills
- Hollywood.
- K-Town

It was really nice taking her to all the famous places....I haven't done that in the while since I live really near to all the places. I didn't realize I miss all these wonderful places. I should really go back and acknowledge these beautiful places! If anyone would like to visit LA let me know, I will be more than happy to show you! I have been here all my life so I know whats up are LA area!!! I can be the best tour guide! Just help me pay for gas, that's all !!! XD.... Driving all over LA can cost alot. Since LA is HUGE and spread out. But for sure I will show you some good time! ;)

                                                  A lot more post coming up!