Monday, January 10, 2011

My I.D. came in the mail today!!! n_n

Hey guys~ remember I lost my I.D. few weeks ago~? Will..... ITS HERE!!!! It came today in the mail . The picture on my I.D. came out ok.....>.> Its not bad ,don't get me wrong~ cuz my last one look like shit... XD LOL Any picture in the world would of been better then my last picture~ HA HA....I wish I had my eyes wide OPEN like this....(O.O) I look like I'm drunk AND High at the same time! I swear I wasn't!!!! I guess its not the end of the world. I need to stop BITCHING~ XD ha ha..They have a new I.D style now~>.> I don't know if you could see it on here.
But in person you could see the differences for the new I.D. and the old one