Monday, August 16, 2010

Japanese Summer Festival

Japanese Summer Festival was the shit ! XD
There was 2 Jap fest, one on sat and another on sun.
I wish there is Japanese Summer Festival
every weekend~ XD that would be hella funny
and crazy at the same time~ =P
I love the feeling so much~makes me

Do you live near FL????

If you live near FLORIDA there is going to
be a Diamond meet !!!! for more info look at the flyer~

Rilakkuma Weekend Party!!!!

I went to the Rilakkuma Weekend Party!!!!
It was so fun!!!! so much free food and drinks!!!!
On thur, I worked at the Rilakkuma V.I.P. party~
And sat I went to chill at the party. Really grate event!

If you wan t to see more pic just go to my facebook~ n_n