Wednesday, July 18, 2012

♥ My Lovely bithday♥

I just wanted to say I had a wonderful birthday week. :3
I had over 4 b-day lunch/dinner with friends and family. XD Anyways for one of the dinner, I had meet up with my gals friends to eat lunch to celebrate my gal friends Nana, Nicole , Cici  and Me. At Bottega Louie . Really nice ass place~ They have Pizza, Italian and the best part A LOTS of Desserts!♥ Its soooo good!  Then after we decided to go to  Haus Dessert Boutique drink & eat desserts .YES!!!!MORE DESSERTS!!!!! LOL...  That's how we roll.....ha ha ha. To end the night, we went to Hiromis's apt again to chill out with my gals watching the LA night lights, gal talk, drink and smoke~ :P Good times~ Anyways Thanks to the gals that came out to celebrate with us! Elly Liang, Grace
 Reika Li, Victoria Rose Norton, Sachiko Christynn Kanai, Stephanie Amaya, Abby Chang and Cindy ! WE all had a grate time! Love you gals! ♥ Happy Birthday to.....Nana, Nicole Miyasatoand, Cici Jiang! Oh and me. ;P

                                                                my b-day cakes~

                                                                Till next time....................... ♥