Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party

Hey who's gong to the
Cali Jammin' night & ANAP
Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party
this Friday?

Cali Jammin' X ANAP Los Angeles presents

" ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party "
Celebrating Store 5 Year Anniversary!
February 25th 2011 Friday Night
@ J restaurant l lounge Open: 9PM /
21 + with ID required / guest list close at 10:30PM

*Free Goods Give Away"
*photo Booth

Fashionable AttireNO T-shirts,
Tennis Shoes, Baggy clothes, Cap and Athletic wear
Except for Yukata (This time only)

Guest List...
Simply response our invitaiton
Make sure your status as " Attneding "
or we will not put your name on the list.
More INFO on this event....

DJ Barbie is going to be there!!!! I want to meet her!!!
She is a Japanese Fashion Icon. She is so cute!
Her site...

Some of us gal are planning to go~
Let me know If anyone would like to join us!

Im so exicted!!! *3* cant wait!!!! what should i wear tho????
Fuckkkkkkkkkk~ =0= No IDEA~

OMG !!!! TSUBASA twitter ABOUT US !!!!!!! *0*

OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS this REAL LIFE?
I cant believe that Tsubasa Twitter about us!
SOOOO SHOCKED ! *0* You dont even know~
I died just now..... And came back to life~ LOL

She said something like ....
To everybody that is in galiforna!
I didn't get to see the show but, I'm really thankful that you guys know me even from America~
I really appreciate it.Thank you so much! Would love to meet you guys someday~

The Link...
♥Tsubasa Masuwaka♥

Anyways I decided to Reply to that .....
Basically I said...
We had just saw the message and we are
very happy that you message us! Thank you so much
for your inspiration. Hope we will met you some day.

This from all us!

This is really crazy~ Who knew this would happen?