Sunday, May 1, 2011

☼ Chilling @ Venice Beach and busy Bee ☼

( This pic was taken with my cell camera with out flash,
that's why my hair looks darker. So I Didn't change the hair color.
Still the same just so you guys know. n__n )

Hey guys !!!! How is everyone doing!???
Will for me....This weekend I wanted to chill out.
Because starting next week Im going to be hella busy~
And im going to drive my self NUTS !!!! LOL

Things i need to do with in 2 weeks!
* (For my job) Girls dance competition in next weekend. May 14.
* Make the outfits for the girls. 16 outfits.
* Practice for the dance .
* Meet Sara Mari on wed.
* REVOLT 2011 event May 15.
* Diamond Meeting.
* Planing events.
* Giveaway.
* Blog LOL....
* Pay bills.

Grrrrrr..........Sooo Overwhelming.....U__U
Wishing my self tons of luck.....

Anyways , I wanted to relax before.... n__n
So I decided to got out to Venice Beach and Japanese market on Sat.
I really love Venice Beach cuz ,their so many different types of
people to look at, a lot of things to do.... and soooooo chill .

Before I post the Venice Beach pic....A lil update on my hair...
My hair hair is lil lighter then the first day... I love it!

I flip my hair so you could also see the light brown side. n_n
The left side of the pic was taken with my cell camera.
LOL.... Made my hair look darker cuz no flash.

Bought some new magazine.....AGAIN~ lol
Ya...... I can't stop~ U__U

This is MY KIND of drink.... ha ha
Really cute bottle.....And top of that, so yummy!

Kappa fav! :D

At Venice I got my self a hair wrap! It was my first time!
It stays till 1 month or even longer... depends how you take care of it.
It even has lil 2 pretty stones....

It was such a wondrful day~ SUN SUN SUN !!!! ☼

I wanted this sunglasses but end up not getting
it cuz i need to save money for Japan trip...T-T

I wanted this too..... Spirit hoods !!!!
but it cost like $250.oo too much
for a girl that is saving money.....T____T
And top of that I wouldn't wear in in summer
anyways.....too hot...but for winter I WANT!!!

Next to the beach , their is skate place.
And they had a competition....

And the famous Pro skateboarders ....
Sorry... I forgot their names... U___U