Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year~ hello 2011 !!!!

I don't know if you guys notice but i have been posting a lot lately ....
Cuz I have winter break form my work since i work at a school~
Sadly I start again this Monday~ U.U I got to chill which was really nice~
The holiday made me go crazy a lil... XD Thanks god is over....XP
I have a Felling this year is going to be GRATE year! Im going to try to
be positive oops~I mean...I WILL BE POSITIVE ! Be near people that
are positive and stay the fuck all way form stupid people or even evil
people that's going to waste my time and energy. No need for that crap.
n_n Everyone do whatever it takes to make you feel good and happy this year!
I know this is lil late BUT...HAPPY NEW YEARS you guys! *0*

Its better then never right? XD

Now~ This is my 2011 New Years Resolutions~
* Lose wight~
* Move out to a house~
* Do Art~

* Start planing about having kid~ =P
* Go to Japan this summer~
* Get a NEW tattoo~
Grrrrr~ >.<> Resolutions is a BITCH!

This is at my work~ she was done with homework
so she ask me if i had any books to read. I told her
that the only thing I have is GYARU magazines.
She wanted to see it so i give to her to see.....
She was loving it! way too much~ LOL

Then the other kids wanted to see it~

I should just have gyaru day or something at the school~ XD

I been taking caring my god child for the past days~
I cant wait to have my own!!! *3* he he

some stuff i got form xmas..... I would post all the stuff i got
But I AM LAZY so no~Even tho I have tons of lash I STILL NEED MORE!!!
This is getting really bad~ >.<

This lash is brown color~ I haven't use it yet...
Ill try them soon~ I wonder how its going to look
on me?????

forever 21 nails~ they should put out more~ >.>