Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Store Justice TIME !!! Just for girls!!!

Hey hey!!! How is everyone doing....? Hope everyone is doing wonderful...
Anyways the other day, I went to the mall to buy some cute items for my 2 lil girls at my work. They wanted to exchange x-mas gift so i say ...why not! n__n

Girls from age 8 to 13yr loves the store Justice. I remember I use to shop there when I was lil girl~ Mannnnn....I LOVE THAT PLACE! They have soooo many cute items for little girls~ Some item from that store could be for joke!!! Im glad It was super easy to shop for the girls. I just bought something i would get for my self~ XD LOL I just need to buy one more gift from that store again....Ill be going there really soon. The shop made me miss my childhood so much..... I just cant wait to have my own child and do fun stuff and dress them up~ Soon soon.... ;)

Stuff i have bought from Store Justice......

Isn't really CUTE!? *3*
I bought a bag,wallet,lip gloss and journal book for each girls.
I know one of the girl loves blue and the other girl loves pink.
Its so perfect for them!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gal~Loween Oct 26,2011

Hey!!! long time no see~ sorry guys~ In Oct. I have been really pack with things to do, so i haven't been online in a while~I guess i have lil time to blog for a bit. :) I know this was like 2 weeks ago~ But Gal~loween event was a successful !!!! Looks like everyone at the event had a wonderful time. n__n tooo bad All i did is just work~ >.> LOL.... I really wanted to talk to everyone there and thank them for coming. SO I like to thank everyone that was part of the event,vendors,sponors,models,Tune in Tokyo,Kimimela, guests and just everyone! We couldn't done this with out all of you wonderful people that was part of this!

(Reflections) i have learn from this event is.....To have more people to help you at the event.
Cuz I can't do events on my own. Have some ppl to be in charge on specific stuff.
Be MORE organize ....I thought i was organize in some things.... but i wasn't at other
For next events....Ill fix these things. Just let me know if anyone like to help out on gal events and maybe we could make things happen~ n___n

Here is some photos~not all of them are mine.some i got it from my friends~
You guys might saw some pic already from the other gals~ hope enjoy it.
We have too many ill just post some picture~

me doing makeup on models....

Days before the galloween event. Practicing for the fashion show~

Kigurumi for the fashion show~ n__n

Kimimela raffle~ Yes i have made this~ ;)

made some gift bags for the models~ n__n

This was giving to me at work. I just wanted to pot it~ lol