Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Junction fashion show~

I was suppose to post this few days ago~ But I been so busy getting ready for
the gal party coming up this Sat. which im really excited about. n__n
Anyways I went with Tricia and Mie to the fashion show. Meet up with my Akiri
and her lil girl,Step and June and her friends. n___n I really love the fashion~
made me want to go shopping~ Grrr....... damn cute fall cloths !!!

Its not my real hair by the way~ lol
I was looking for something the other day and i found my black wig.
SO i ended up using it. I should use it often~ >.> make me miss my black hair.

My lovely Tricia baby~

Mie looking cute~

Me and my Sweet step!

My home girl and her child.

while we were waiting ~ They pic few ppl to cat walk.
They pic us....XD how funny~ out of everyone else. XD
I didn't want to go cuz i look ugly as fuck and top of that i wanted to take pic.
So i told them to go with out me~ha ha
Too cute~

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