Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ideas for gyaru Mickey & Minnie mouse theme!


So I have been browsing the net to help everyone with the
outfit for the Disney Land meet... DUDE!!! I have sooo much Ideas
how I want to look. Too much that I have no idea what am I going to do!
I made these spam to help us get inspired .Cuz it sure did it for me~ LOL
Hope this will help you too~ Remember the theme is
Mickey & Minnie mouse with gyaru style look!!
We wanted a classic Mickey & Minnie mouse
style look. That's why the Colors is: Black,Red,Yellow & White.
It wasn't random just so you know ~LOL
I cant wait to see you guys with your OUTFITS!!!!
Its going to be sooooo CUTE! This is going to be HELLA FUN!!!!
We going to take so much pic!!!! *3* he he Maybe I might need
to make some part of my outfit.....U__U all depends I guess....
need to go to the stores too.....Ohh man so much things to do~ Ohh dear~

Ohhh...Just to let you Know, this is a gyaru spring meet.
make sure its a gyaru style! Its ok if you are new to gyaru. n_n
Like I said from the last post... Anyone is welcome to join!
If you need any help, I would love to help !
So don't be shy to ask for help~
Any Diamond gals will love to help you too! If we live near...
I could even hang out with you days before the event
so we could go over the outfit, hair and make if you like~ ;D
Just let me know ahead time tho.
Thanks Mandie for reminding me!!!!
isneyland has strict rules pertaining to wearing "costumes"
in the park. Just be aware of this when you're getting dressed if it looks too
costumey then they may not let you in
So make sure it doesn't look like a costume guys!
Outfit outfits!!! kind of like that pic spam i made underneath....
we could help each

Anyways enjoy....

I didn't make this bottom ones.
I just saw it online so we could get inspired!