Monday, February 14, 2011

☆♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥☆

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

Too bad this year Valentine falls on Monday~ U.U Kind of sucks.... But I guess it was still really good this year.
Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day~ Event if your single~ n_n Cuz I think V-day is not just only for people in a relationship, But just ANY kind of love and friendship. n_n So I would like to say Thanks for those people that been there for me no matter what. Like my wonderful family, good friends and especially MY BOYFRIEND!!! My Boyfriend does SOOOOO many wonderful and nice things for me , you know what...Not only me but my friends and family too...He is a wonderful guy,that's for sure~ n_n Me and my man been together since winter 2003. So that's like 7 yrs going o
n 8yrs. WOW...... we r all most 10 yrs !!!!! Can wait *3*

My boyfriend give me this on V-day.

V-day cake~

Valentine's day at work was so much fun. Since i do work at the school~ makes me feel so young again~ We passed out V-day cards ,candies and gifts. You could see that all the kids had a wonderful time. Which that make me feel really happy....You know the cool thing about working at the school is that every holiday you get some gifts from the kids....he he =P They are so cute cuz there are so thoughtful~
Gift from the sweet~

The cards I got for the girls. I love Barbie !!!

Cards for the boys...

Also but some candies for the V-day goody bags.


Cute v-day bags....

And my dance girls~ at v-day giving out cards...