Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Work / Gal meet

Hey Hey every body!!!!

I have so much stuff i want to blog about but, lately I haven't had the
time.....Grrrrr..... U__U I been soooo busy cuz my kids are going to
be at the Dance team competition on the first week in May.....
So I been busting my ass finishing and cleaning up the dance routine.
On top of that, I need to come up with a outfit for the girls too....
Just so you know~ Im a dance coach for the kids from age 6~11.
So I do EVERYTHING for them.....getting outfits,making
routines,doing paper for for the dance and having meetings.
Those kids drives me NUTS ...no joke~ but still love them. ha ha
Even all that, its all worth it! So much shit to do~ HELPPPPPP!!!!! =0=
Anyways.... Ill record the kids practicing so i could show you what
dance routine I made for them and also idea for a outfit for them~
Ill make the post soon hopefully!!!

And also~ Next weekend is the gyaru meet in Disney land !!! YAY!!!
"BUT"..... I still haven't put the outfit together~ T.T All most done
I think.....XD but I still need to get the rest of the stuff this week.
wish me luck, cuz I need it.... :P
Anyways.... Whos is going for sure???? I was wondering????
Don't forget!!! Anyone is welcome to join us!!!! n_n

Info the the gal meet if you planning to come!
Galifornia Adventure

If you need Ideas for the outfit for that meet!!!!
( Remember.... stick with the theme PLZ!!! )
Link for the outfit ideas!

Ill leave you with 2 pic for now~
I think this was 2 weeks ago??

Promise I'll post alot more by next week!
Gomen neeee~