Friday, September 2, 2011

Deco'ing my cell phone case. ;D

Hello everyone! So most of you may know that i have
been deco'ing my cell phone case for the past week ,
when I wasn't busy~ I'm finally DONE!!!!! YES!
I been waiting for this day to happen for a longggg
time~ No joke... I just have been busy with life that
I didn't have the chance to do it sooner~ I think
I need to make more time for me and do deco or any kind
of art. I miss it~ I use to do it every time....
But I think im going to deco my lil laptop/notebook soon.
I'm so excited!!! Can't wait! Now I just want to deco everything
like the old times~ LOL

What you need:
- Tweezers
- Glue
- Gems
- Cell phone case
- Your
- Your Time

Tips for Deco'ing:
1) Have a idea before you do it.
2) Pick a theme to your deco. Like what style? what color?looks?
3) Have a really good glue.
4) Only glue and paste very few at a time.
5) Glue the large ones first.
6) When you glue them make sure you glue not only on the
bottom but on the side too.
7) Take your time don't rush.

The stuff I have used.Most of the stuff i got them in L.A.

my clear cell phone case. $6.oo @ Downtown L.A.

I love this glue!

Glue the big stuff first!

Then start putting the small ones....

ALL DONE !!!!!! :)

Back view:

Top View:

Side view:

Front view:

I guess i could show you some of my old stuff....
I don't have all the pic cuz i cant find the rest for some reason~?
But here anyways~ n__n