Wednesday, October 17, 2012

♥ Gal Slumber party time! ♥

Awwww~ *w* Had a blast  this past weekend!
I had the Gal-Oween party by Tune In Tokyo~ And the Gal Slumber Party
at my place this weekend.
Gal-oween was grate. I didn't get there till later cuz I had work and also had a meeting
with a friend. :) Sadly~I could only stay a lil while also since the next day is the gal slumber party~
Over all it was really chill fun event! OH!!! My gal friend Victoria win a best gal costume!
She won some cool prize! She was hella cute!

As for Gal Slumber Party~
It was really fun!!! I just love how we got to REALLY chill out with everyone!
FOR ONES! XD Every time we have events, We can't really chill with your girls.
Just cuz ,we r busy doing the event. But the slumber party it was really chill.
Got to talk to each other about everything~ Got to know everyone more better.
Went to karaoke and drink and just had fun!
Sadly didn't do video~ T___T
I really wanted to but I was using my ipad for music.
And everyone was FELLING it~ XD Didn't want to kill it.
And top of that my other camera went to shit! ;(
Its all good ~there is always next time!
I did go some picture tho!
Everyone said we should to this more often!
Which everyone is RIGHT! WE SHOULD!
So I will be planning one near maybe after Thanksgiving.
A Xmas party with my gals! CANT WAIT!
AWWW I love doing these kind of  things!
 Really makes me happy.