Tuesday, May 3, 2011

About to meet some one tomorrow !!! Can't wait !

Hey guys !!! Guess who I am going to meet tomorrow ???
Wonder Who? who? who???
Most of you guys might know who's she is

Sara Mari !!!

Just in case you don't know who I am talking about or don't know her~
This is her blog~

"Sara Mari blog"

We talked awhile ago and she said she was coming over to Cali.
I was like....We MUST hang out if she is coming out here !!!!
It would be my first time meeting her in person~
So im like hella excited !!!! She is SUPER SWEET!!!!
I talk to her all the time on the web. but now i get to meet her in person!
I love meeting new ppl !! Soo much fun~ n__n
I told other ppl to come out if they can....
It might be lil hard cuz its middle of the week... U__U
But guess what i say.... FUCK IT..... Ill take a day off..LOL
took a day off so, I could meet her before she leaves..... :P
ha ha ha..... If anyone lives near L.A. area~ you r welcome to join
if you are free... n__n I know last min. :P sorry~

If you want to join us, just make sure you message
me on Facebook for info !
"My facebook"

We should be kicking it all over the place~ X3
ha ha ..... Anyways...Ill post pic asap when i can.
I don't know why I'm still blogging right now~ lol
I better get my ass to sleep ASAP !!!!
bye guys~night night
laterzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!