Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Galifornia Adventure day~

Good time N Disney Land!!!

I had such a wonderful time with everyone~
I like to thank everyone that came to the meet.
I had so much fun with you guys!!!! And love every moment of it!! n__n
And tons of people notice us and loved how we looked.
Everyone's outfit was really cute and fun!
I think its really nice and fun when we have theme outfits.
You get to look at how everyone did their outfits.
Makes you feel like your are part of the group even more~
Anyways~hope you like the lil gift i give you even tho its really nothing~
Hope next time more gals could come to the meet. I really would like to
have like a HUGE meet with gals that lives in L.A. area~
Cuz.. I know there is tons but some how its hard to get everyone together~ :(
Wonder why? Why is it??? I guess i need to keep trying... n__n
I never stop! lol.... ha ha

Sorry guys I look like SHIT...LOL I was stress a lot before
the meet......and top of that I'm ugly~so next time try to look better~

I have more pic on my facebook! If u want to see more~