Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chill weekend....Ohhh ya~

FUCK...... U.U I think im getting sick again....WTF~ T^T
Thats why I took long to post again cuz I wasn't feeling so good.
Anyways... last week was really chill and fun !
Went to Round 1 with my boyfriend and his cousin, Cuz it was his
cousin 21st B-day . GUESS WHAT!? At Round 1, I got 2 plushy !!!

So happy I got them to take it home with me.
n_n I also took purikura as always~ he he

Then after Round 1 we had a party at my house.
At the party we played drinking games and smoke hookah .....you know
just having fun. I have a 2 hookah pipe but i still one another one.....
I want a cute PINK one SOOOO BAD! *o* So hope i find a cute one soon.

The pic is lil blur... getting ready for hookah..

In this pic i was smoking honey due flavor.

Ohh !! Also forgot.. I got a new wallpaper on my phone~
It was from a Japanese app. It was $1.00 something~
It was too cute I had to buy that shit~ XD
Its a live wallpaper..... It moves too!
Has a time , date and it sparkle !!!
FUCK YA!!!!!! XD