Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's go to,,,,"SPLASH 2011" !!! And crazy week!!!

Hey guys!!! Im going to have a crazy busy week coming up...A lots event, doing more makeup for models,work,meeting up and having a meetings , go find me a outfit....and maybe do deco if i get a chance..."BRING IT ON"!!!! Im going to be sooo tired i just know it. But at least I'm busy. Its way better being busy then being bored. So I guess Its all good after all . ;)

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Anyways who's planning to go to SPLASH 2011 - feat. Daishi Dance & Mitomi Tokoto & DJ Masterkey? I know I am for sure!!! I know this event is going to be off the HOOK!!! It all ways does~ So i know!! Its on
Saturday, August 27 at 9:00pm - August 28 at 4:00am Circus Disco Arena 6655 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA And must be 21 and up.
Their will be featuring top tour DJs from Japan and it’s expected to bring over 3,000 attending guests! Its a L.A. MEGA event!!!! Its a REALLY HUGE EVENT !!!! MUST GO!!!
Presale starts at 30$ At the door is 50$ Go get the Tickets ASAP!
Online Ticket
More INFO: ★

If any of you guys are planning to go , let me know! We could meet up and chill together and party! But Ohhhh dear~ I have no idea what to wear..... what should i wear????? hummmm???
This week will drive me crazy~ I feel it already...

I don't know if you notice but I got my self a DISQUS comments thingy~ Just so its easier to comment for anyone. Lets me know if something is acting weird on it. So that i could try to fix it asap.
Thanks guys!