Friday, May 6, 2011

☆ ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway ☆

☆ ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway ☆

Hey Guys! I have a wonderful NEWS !!!!
I will be having a sponsor giveaway today!!!
Thanks to for sponsoring this grate Giveaway !
Most may know...But just in case you don't know~
Shoppingholics is a online store. They sell tons of eye lenses.
Also have eye lash, makeup,face masks and more!
They have the best selection on the eye lenses!!!!
And they are such a friendly staff ever. Got to LOVE THEM! n__n

What you are getting in this giveaway...
Any of your choice of 1 Geo lenses.
JAPAN LUV CARAT Long Last Face Powder-Natural Beige in Pink Diamante Jewel Case.
Contact Lens Travel Kit Case-Flower. With Lens Tweezers, Lens Case and Soaking Solution Bottle.

Please make sure you read this before you enter !!!
Their is only one winner.
This giveaway is open internationally.
If you are under 18, please get permission from your parents before entering.
You must be a public follower of my blog to participate.
Entries submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.
The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
Remember ,the more entries you do, the more higher chances you win!!!
Once you have done one entry or either all of the entry, make sure to include all the links after your name and e-mail address. I will be checking them asap!
The deadline for this giveaway will be Sunday, June 5th 2011 @ 21:00 PST!
And the Winner will be contacted shortly after.

How To Enter
"You must" Be a follower of this blog. If not, please follow.
"You must" Become a public follower of my blog and comment on this post with your name and e-mail address. This counts as first entry.
For a second entry, create a new post on your blog about my giveaway and link it back to this post. On your Facebook is fine too.
For a third entry, put a link to my giveaway in your blog's sidebar until the giveaway is over.
Forth entry, click " Like" on the Shoppingholics facebook page.

Thank you so much everyone for following my blog ! I really appreciate everyone for being supportive . Cuz I know know my blog is lame~ XD LOL BUT You guys ROCK !!! ;D Anyways...Everyone enjoy and good luck !!!!!

Info on the item....

Perfect your complexion with Luv Carat Long Last Face Powder which absorbs any excess oil and maintain a smooth touch of your skin while keeping it moisturized all day with the moisturizing ingredients of hyaluronic acid, ceremide and squalane.
Packed in an irresistibly attractive diamante jewel case, it the perfect gift for any girl. The loose and lightweight texture is right for any skin type. Match easily with the base foundation, this beige cover pores. Use this mineral enriched loose powder for a natural skin-perfecting look.
Made in Japan
The cost: $25.00

The kit is a small hand mirror in the top compartment.Inside comes with contact lens-solution mini bottles, lens case and a pair of plastic tweesers to go! The case is small enough to fit ideally into a handbag or anywhere!
1) Lens Tweezer
2) Lens Case
3) Cleaning and Soaking Solution Bottles.
The cost: $5.90