Thursday, September 1, 2011

xxX Keni Styles x Yuki Mori Xxx

On Tue. Aug.30 I did Yuki Mori makeup/hair as always~ n__n
We drove to a nice ass area and no to mention.. the house
was really nice. But anyways....I had a chance to meet Keni Styles!!!
Famous Asian porn star ... ;D ha ha...Yup yup.... He is really super sweet, charming, nice
friendly and out going~ He has the whole package! BIG TIME! lol... even the photographer was super nice and sweet! Just bunch of fabulous people chilling together~ I had so much fun doing yuki make and hanging out and talk with everyone. ;) It was super chill ~Love it....

The whole store to this video is that Yuki is a crazy ass Japanese gal from Japan. Keni and Yuki
has blind date. He saw her and got surprise cuz she is wild crazy ass Japanese and he is a mellow and normal type a person. I guess??? lol ha ha ha ..Then Yuki shows him how Crazy she is.....then fuck fuck fuck...... LOL End the story ;) Let chu know when that porn comes out for those porn lovers! So you can buy and see it.

Keni Styles

Don't forget to follow Keni @ .
And his temporary blog page @ .
You get to see more picture of him!!!
Ohhhh make sure you are 18 and up~ LOL ;)

I know i have to re~touch my hair.... doing this week ;)

The crew~ ha ha ha ;D