Monday, January 31, 2011

*Love My Diamond Gals*

Sorry about last week ,I had been really busy with tons of shit. That's why I haven't post last week. U.U BUT! Saturday that just past, Us Diamond gals had a very important business. He he..I cant say nothing yet, but soon you will find out. I guess... XD I got to spend a whole day with my diamond gals which it was awesome! *3* It was such a long ass day~ I was really tired at the end. X_x Couldn't even walk the next day.... cuz we walk ALL OVER THE WHOLE California, at least it feels like~ LOL... Even all that it was SOooo AMAHZING !!!! A little inside joke between my Diamonds...... ha ha WHERE IS MY KEYS!!!!! Then music.......LOL ha ha And sailor moon talk in the car. And DAMN Yoshinoya... Good times~
AWWW... We are on the LA WEEKLY News paper~
How nice is that~ *3* ha ha