Friday, March 18, 2011

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day Everyone !!!

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day Everyone !!!

So today was St. Patrick's Day!!!
At work we had a fun event at the school. n_n
I wear my green outfit so the kids won't attack me today!
LOL Knowing them they will too...>.> lol
Anyways I did my make up green too.... which all the kids
was LOVing it! ;D

SO.... this is how I went to work.
with my lil green hat ,green make up
green lens and green outfit. which you cant see in this pic.
LOL sorry I was in the rush, I didn't remember to take it.
but it is a green dress. n_n

Stuff i bout for the lil event at the school.

ALSO!!!!! NEW Update on the BIG Gyaru MEET
@ Disney Land !

"Galifornia Adventure"

Please click on the "Attending" If you are going !!!