Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My dance girls won 2end place !!! YAY

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been blogging in awhile~
But I have told you guys that I would be busy in few weeks
cuz of my job. Anyways most of you might not even care but
My girls won 2end place in dance competition !!!! Im sooo
proud of them ! Man.... it was so much work coaching lil kids dance
team. Now I get to have some lil rest . n__n But soon again I would need to
come up with new music ,new dance routines and new outfit.
Im really excited!!! Even tho I put a lot of my time on these girls, it all worth it!

Every time the day before the competition, I buy or I buy
them a good luck cake !!! It a tradition~ lol

Day before the competition....Dress rehearsal....

The competition day!!!!
cute hair huh???? I had to do 16 of them on
the girls hair like this... X____x

Before this outfit was plain..... but i added the neon
green thing~ and I added the butterflies.

After they WON !!!!! WE DID IT !!!!

Look how happy they are~Im happy too!!!

In the bus.... all the girls was soooo tired ~
It was such a long ass day let me tell you~ U___U
tooooooo long~