Friday, October 1, 2010

Im a Godmother =)

Few weeks ago me and my man was asked to be a Godparents. My man and i was really glad and honored to me a Godparents~ n_n I see my godchild everyday~ =P I act like she is my real child~ XD LOLI by too much stuff for her~ he he he This is what i do to my godchild~ XD

I put candies on her head.

I put my prisila bangs on her head.
(before) (After)

cute picture huh????? *3* more funny pic to come!!!! XD
I cant wait to have my own~ soon soon~ maybe in 1yr. or 2yr.~ n_n

World's Biggest Dinosaurs Gift

Went out to the lil trip to palm springs over the weekend~ n_n went to the casino. I play a lil games ...drink a lil. XD good time~ Also we stop by the "World's Biggest Dinosaurs Gift" I was in side the Dinosaur mouth!!!! I haven't been there since 11 yr. It was really fun even if im 25yr. >.> lol then ate at the place next to the Dinosaurs called Wheel Inn Restaurant. IT WAS SOOO YUMMY!!!!

my game face!!!!!!!!!! playing .......

me and my man teaming up to play~ XD

I was in side the Dinosaur mouth~ up high!!!!

the view from the Dinosaur mouth......