Tuesday, August 10, 2010


JOIN !!!!!! *0*

with the overflow of imported Japanese pop culture & fashion in the golden state & west coast comes an especially large population of j-fashionistas & GALs!! let's make the most of it & bring all the Cal GALs out from the woodwork to launch bigger & better local GAL events, fashion shows & meet-ups that we've all been waiting for!

this community looks to simply network, not necessarily form a gal-circle. posts will focus solely around GAL life in california &, for now, the west coast, from personal introductions, specific events, meet-ups, fashion shows, con exhibitions & booths, & parties, to localized GAL shopping & relevant nightlife & fun! let's make this the ultimate resource for the ton of GALs here to network & push ameri-gal forward & off the internet!

Dont be shy and add !!!! Start your Intro POST NOW !!!!!