Monday, January 17, 2011

*♥ SeX Talk ♥* Nihon no condoms~

Hey sexy people you know what i miss...??? Japanese kawaii, GIRLY, kira kira and sexy ass condoms !!! XD lol Im not kidding you~ >.> I do miss those... U.U like 2 years ago I bought tons of cute ass condoms from Japan. I wanted to show everyone cuz it was REALLY super CUTE! I think If the US states have those condoms ...DUDE ...>.> young girls would actually USE condoms and be safe !!! XD ha ha carrying condom would be FUN!!!! you could show and tell and trade with your girl friends, boyfriends , strangers just anyone...It would be a good ice breaker even~ he he he he XP J/K(By the way I'm open to talk about sex talk just so you know.....Been always had...n_n)

I have used the white box Glamorous butterfly , the black in pink box Glamorous butterfly and the
Luxury Gold. n_n

White box Glamorous Butterfly (Dots) all over the condom ...I mean more like bumps. =)
Black in pink box Glamorous Butterfly (HOT) get hot or warm when u use it.
Luxury Gold is just the condom is GOLD~ LOL like the condom is gold color~
I really like all of them~ fun fun...
These pics I took 2 year ago~I know some people HATES using condoms.... cuz they say.."I CANT FEEL HIM AS MUCH!" To me it doesn't make a different , same shit if he as it or not....XD And top of that..I like to be SAFE !!! better safe than sorry~ right? I do not want ANY accident at all. I would like to PLAN to have a child. Cuz i want the BEST for my kids, better than what i had. When i have a child i want to be ready you know? Oh ya, and you don't want to get any STD either~=P SO SAFE SEX PLZ EVERYONE !!!!! =)
I know I do~ XD been with my man since 2003 and sex ONLY with him~ :) HA HA
I just want to guys and gals be careful ok~ KEEP YOUR SHIT SAFE !!! :)

Next topic for "sex talk" is sex toys. hopefully I be doing it soon...n_n

P.S. If you don't like to read shit like this or you get offensive
maybe you should get out of my blog and don't look at it,that might help~ n_n

In till next time see ya.... LOVE & PEACE